Sponsor Advertorial: KMA Champion Martial Arts™ Wollongong – Fight-Fitness-Self Defence


KMA Champion Martial Arts™ Wollongong is a member of Australia’s largest martial art school of its kind.  KMA Champion Martial Arts™ has been committed to Black Belt Excellence since 1986 (Master Fari teaching since 1982). Through this time KMA has developed & trademarked the “Black Belt Success System” ™.

Based in Coniston, KMA Wollongong offers classes for both adults, children and teens that teach self-defence whilst developing fitness and self-confidence. With an established heritage of over 30 years in Australia. KMA offers students a variety of styles and systems to follow.

All classes are designed to encourage success in all facets of life. Martial arts encompass a philosophy that extends beyond the Dojang. KMA Wollongong offers a family atmosphere to grow and thrive.

Training is varied and interesting. Our qualified instructors work to help you reach your goals.

If you want to get your fitness up, learn some self-defence visit us at Corner of Miller & Tate Street in Coniston to receive a courtesy 1-week trial membership for your whole family.

You can find us on the web at http://www.kmawollongong.com.au/ or like us on Facebook.

KMA Wollongong