Community Market

If you are a commercial market stall holder and would like to hold a market stall at our fete, please complete the market stall online application form or alternatively send the P&C an email for further information. It's early days in our planning stages, but you can still submit your application now.  Please note that all commercial business market stall holders are required to hold a current market stall holder insurance policy (certificate of currency) which is to be submitted to the P&C.  You are also required to familiarise yourself with the market stall terms and conditions.  Many thanks for supporting our day.


  • The prescribed site fee is $60 for a standard site.  
  • 3 x 3 metre unpowered site. 
  • You may book more than one site. 
  • Please note there are a limited number of powered sites, price on application only.
  • Bring your own stall cover/shelter.




Terms and Conditions


 * * *

Thank you for your support of the Balgownie School Fete.  All money raised will go towards the Balgownie School,  to provide better facilities for the children.


All stallholders are bound by the Stall Holder Risk Assessment Guidelines and the Terms and Conditions and the Risk Assessment Guidelines.  Please familiarise yourself with these.  When you book your stall, you will be deemed to have read these terms ant agree to these terms and conditions.  These rules are to protect you the trader and to protect the local community.  They ensure that we can provide everyone with a quality event and help us strive to provide you with an enjoyable trading experience.


  • Trading:  Fete trading is between 10.00am and 4.00pm.
  • Site Fee:  The site fee is $60 for a non-powered 3m x 3m site.  A limited number of powered sites can be negotiated on prior application.
  • Damages or Loss:   You participate in this event at your own risk.  By booking a stall, you fully accept that you are trading in the outdoors for the whole day, where you will be exposed to the elements and you need to bring your own shelter with you.  You accept that fete market trading is therefore an outdoor activity and as with any activity comes some risk.  By participating in the event you indemnify the organisers of the event against any damage, loss or injury to yourself or any of your belongings, or vehicle, that may result in participating in the activity.   You are responsible for the security and supervision of all of your goods and belongings whilst at the event.  Event organisers will not accept any damage or loss incurred whist participating in the event.
  • Insurance:  Commercial market operators must provide a copy of their current stallholder insurance to the P&C  when booking your site and must also keep this policy on you at all times during trading and produce the document if requested.
  • Reservation & Booking:  You need to book in advance so we can plan for variety.  Sites cannot be reserved and we reserve the right to determine your position. Your booking cannot be confirmed until payment has been received.
  • Equipment:  You must bring all your own equipment with you, ie tables, chairs, tents.  All tents, umbrellas and shades must be adequately fastened with tent pegs, or umbrella weights and fixed to the ground to prevent injury in the wind. If your tent or umbrella cannot be weighted or pegged to the ground, you cannot use it.


  • Safety of site:  You are not permitted to leave any boxes, goods, ropes, or protruding tent pegs which may cause trip hazards, which may cause injury to any person.  You are responsible for keeping your site safe and tidy, and will take full responsibility for any injury or damage to any person or personal object if that injury is a result of negligence or an unsafe activity or action on your part.
  • Setup: Market stall set up time is from 8.00am – 9.45am.  Packup:  Time is 4.00pm – 5.30pm.
  • Vehicles: Traders will only be allowed to bring their vehicles onto the premises for set up between the hours of 8.00am and 9.30am.  No vehicles will be allowed to be moved during trading times across the school grounds to protect the safety of all fete participates, unless strict authorised approval is given.
  • Entry Points to Land:  Traders are asked to enter the school site via the nominated driveway entry.  Entry of vehicles on the site is at your own risk and you accept full responsibility and liability for any damage that may be caused to your vehicle if you choose to take it onto the school premises.
  • Speed Limit:  The speed limit on the grounds is < 5km p/h.  You must check that the area is safe before you move your vehicle to and from the school site.  If you should damage any school property you will be liable for replacement costs and repairs to the Department of Education.
  • Stallholder parking:  At 9.30am you will be requested to move your vehicle to street parking around the school.  If you have a disability or any other physical/medical reason that you cannot park in the street, please notify management before the event so that an alternative arrangement can be made.
  • Exemption for certain vehicles to remain on land:  If your vehicle or trailer is part of your stall such as a food vendor, BBQ trailer, coffee van, ice cream van, or similar, please notify the market management on booking of your site so that you can be allocated an area within the fete grounds.  You must take care at all times when moving your vehicle and must not move your vehicle during fete trading unless authorised approval is given.
  • Cancellation of Fete for Adverse Weather:  The management reserves the right to cancel the event in bad weather conditions.  It is your responsibility to check the website to see if the event is cancelled and contact organisers.  If the weather is looking adverse on the morning of the event, check the website for full information on cancellation details or telephone the management of the event after 6.00 am on the day of the event.  Cancellation details will also be provided to the local radio station.
  • Refund Policy:  Management reserves the right to determine if a refund will be granted in certain circumstances.  If you wish to cancel your booking, and make application for a refund, you must notify us at least three weeks before the event so that alternative arrangements can be made to fill your booking.
  • Noise:  Please consider that the event is within a residential neighbourhood and limit noise, especially in the early morning during the setup period.
  • Goods for Sale:  Please provide us with a list including all the different type of goods that you will sell at your stall so we can pre-plan the event and offer lots of different variety without excess of the same item.  To be fair to all traders, you cannot be given exclusive rights to sell a particular item but we will make every attempt to limit this wherever possible.
  • Sale of Goods containing allergens such as Nuts or Bee products:  Please consider the safety of children who have allergies to certain foods and do not bring these items to the event.   Please do not sell any item that has peanuts or any other type of nut at the fete.
  • Prohibited items:  Our fete is a family event.  You are not permitted to sell any item that is illegal, offensive, or unsafe.
  • Alcohol:  Stall holders are not permitted to sell alcohol products to any minor at the event.
  • Smoking:  The school premises is a smoke free zone.
  • Food Safety: All food and drink must be handled and prepared in accordance with health and safety legislation and Council regulations, and all applicable licenses and certificates must be available and displayed in accordance with Council regulations.
  • Stall holder rubbish:  All stall holders must take their rubbish away with them off site or place it in the blue bin provided in the school premises near the library at the end of the day.
  • Generators and Cords:  If your site requires a generator you must let us know in advance. You must put your generator at the back of your site where it is away from the public.  Any cords that are used with generators or electricity power must be checked and tagged in accordance with legislation and any rules set by Work Cover.
  • Fire: If you use any equipment such as a hot food vendor with cooking equipment, use a generator, or similar device, that could cause fire, you must bring a fire extinguisher and Fire blanket with you.  Council regulations require that you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket on hand at your food stall.  
  • Gas Bottles:  If you use a gas bottle with your site, the bottle must be in good working order with no leaks and must not have passed the expiry date.
  • Activities with children:  If you are a trader or service provider that deals in children’s entertainment or amusement, or a children’s activity, you hereby declare when making your booking, that neither you, or any member of your staff or volunteer is a prohibited person restricted under the Commission for Children and Young People Act, 1998 and you must make the appropriate enquiries as set out by that law for any staff or volunteer of your organisation.  Please note that it is an offence to make a false declaration under this legislation.

Risk Assessment Guidelines

Remember to think safety first.  Assess the situation and assess the risk.  Ask yourself, can you foresee your activity or action causing harm to yourself, or another person, environment, or property?  If so, please stop immediately.

Thank you for abiding by the stall holder terms and conditions, and for helping us keep a safe working environment and enjoyable market for all.

Happy trading.