Any financial member of the Association can nominate for an Executive Position on our P&C. You don’t have to be a long standing member. If you are new to our school, such as a kindy parent, you are also most welcome to apply.  As long as you are a financial member who meets the eligibilitiy requirements to apply, we invite you to express your interest.  Positions are advertised 21 days before the AGM.

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Our Annual General Meeting is held on the second WEDNESDAY in MARCH of each year.

Applications for nominations open 21 days prior to our scheduled AGM. Your application must be received by the President within 7 days before the day of our AGM to qualify as an official nomination.


Any expression to nominate for an Executive role (or roles) should be submitted in writing to the President at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Election day shall be day seven (7) for the purpose of calculating the days.  A person can nominate for more than one position at an election, however may only take up one elected position.  When elected into a position and accepting that position, a person shall be deemed to have withdrawn from any outstanding nominations for any other positions on the Executive Committee.

Call for nominations for an Executive position at any upcoming Annual General Meeting shall be advertised publically in a P&C Newsletter or similar flyer, seeking expressions from interested persons, who are eligible under Clause 4 of the Constitution.  Calls for nomination should be advertised at least twenty one (21) days before the upcoming Annual General Meeting.  The day of the Annual General Meeting shall be day twenty one (21) for the purpose of calculating the days.

Nominations for an Executive position shall close seven (7) days before an Annual General Meeting.   Election day shall be deemed to be day seven (7) for the purpose of calculating the day.

All nominations for an Executive position shall remain confidential and be privy between only the President and the two (2) Vice Presidents until seven (7) days before an Annual General Meeting, after which time all nominations shall be advertised in the P&C newsletter during election week to ensure transparency and to inform the school community who the nominees are.

If no nominations are received for a particular position seven (7) days before an annual general meeting, an extension of time shall apply to that position. The newsletter should read “no nominations yet received” next to that particular position, in the absence of any nominated person.  A public announcement shall also be made in the election week newsletter or flyer, extending the time period for nominations for that position only.  An urgent call shall be made for nominations for the outstanding position which may be received up until the Annual General Meeting.  All other positions that have received a prior nomination, or nominations, shall remain closed.

If no nominations are received for all positions, only then shall an extension of time apply to all positions.

If no urgent nominations are received for a position after an urgent call in the P&C newsletter, a last and final call shall be made at the Annual General Meeting for volunteers to come forward from those present within the room at the Annual General Meeting.

If an urgent call for nominations shall apply, and no nominations are received at a final call at the Annual General Meeting from any eligible persons, the position shall be held to be vacant at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be dealt with and filled by way of casual vacancy under Clause 60 of the By-Laws at a future general meeting.


The President is responsible for:

  • The successful functioning of the P&C Association;
  • The attainment of the P&C Association’s objectives;
  • Ensuring that the P&C Association takes part in decision-making processes in the school;
  • Fostering fair participation of all members and ensuring that all new members are made to feel welcome;
  • Supporting volunteers;
  • Consistent adherence to the Constitution;
  • Acting as the P&C Association’s spokesperson when public statements or actions are needed and making statements which accurately reflect the views of the Association;
  • Setting up lines of communication with the Principal;
  • Being a signatory on the Associations’ bank accounts;
  • Training other Executive members;
  • Leadership of the parent community;
  • Chairing meetings;
  • The President is entitled to the same voting rights as any member, however when in the Chair may abstain from voting in order to preserve the impartiality of the position;
  • The President is a member of all P&C sub-committees.


The two (2) Vice Presidents are responsible for providing support to the President in his or her role above, and shall fill in for the President in his or her absence.


The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Carrying out the decisions of the meeting (unless otherwise stipulated);
  • Notifying the school community of all Association meeting dates, and other important events;
  • Undertaking routine administrative duties;
  • Preparing meeting agendas in consultation with the President;
  • Attending the Association meetings and taking notes of the decisions in order to produce a set of Minutes for subsequent distribution to members and for possible amendment and adoption at the following meeting; (In the absence of the Secretary the meeting may elect a person to take the Minutes).
  • Typing of the Minutes after a meeting and providing the Minutes to the appropriate parties within ten (10) working days for a general meeting, and seven (7) consecutive days for an Annual General Meeting;
  • Receiving and tabling incoming correspondence;
  • Writing and despatch outgoing correspondence as required;
  • Giving notice of meetings;
  • Convening special meetings when requested;
  • Providing information as requested by the P&C Federation;
  • Maintaining official records of the P&C Association such as;
    • The Constitution, by-laws, rules of subcommittees
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • ABN Details
    • List of financial (voting) members
    • Minutes
    • Attendance Book
    • Correspondence


The Treasurer must refer to the requirements of the “Operational Guide for PC Treasurers document as provided by the Parents and Citizens’ Federation of NSW.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Preparation of a projected financial budget at the beginning of the year according to Clause 63 of the By-Laws.
  • Compliance with all financial accountability requirements of the Association;
  • Receiving and depositing all monies received by the Association;
  • Maintaining financial records;
  • Drawing cheques;
  • Presenting accounts;
  • Presenting a report in the form of an income and expenditure statement together with a reconciled bank statement at each P&C Meeting;
  • Giving advice and setting an example for others so that all funds held and handled by the P&C are openly accounted for;
  • The Treasurer is responsible for all funds held in the name of the P&C, including canteen, clothing pool, and all other specific fundraising committees.  (This does not mean that the Treasurer must undertake the actual bookkeeping themselves, but they must ensure that the various sub-committee financial records have been kept to the Treasurer’s satisfaction.)
  • The Treasurer should encourage members to understand the state of the P&C finances;
  • The Treasurer must ensure that a cash book and other books as required are kept, recording ALL financial transactions of the P&C Association;
  • The Treasurer is required to produce a full statement of financial position declaring all funds held in the name of the P&C Association (including those of sub-committees);
  • The Treasurer is required to forward all financial records to the auditor.  After completion of the audit, the financial statements, with all signed certificates appended, are to be presented at the Annual General Meeting for approval and adoption.


An Executive Assistant (ie the Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer) shall be responsible for providing support to the Executive position they have been elected to assist in the roles outlined above, and shall fill in for that Executive in his or her absence.